47/1 Khu Phố Bình Phước B, P. Bình Chuẩn, TP. Thuận An, Bình Dương
Tiếng Việt Tiếng Anh

MINH TRI WOOD PROCESSING CO., LTD is an enterprise specializing in the production of chipboard (Okal board) and Plywood on an automated line system according to international standards with a capacity of 50,000m3/year. Minh Tri Wood's factory has a total area of more than 12 hectares, of which the factory area is 16,000m2, and the outdoor production and material storage area is over 10,000m2.

The products the company is manufacturing, trading and processing include:

  • Particle Board (Okal)
  • Plywood Board
  • Formica coated board
  • Melamine board on Particle board & MDF board according to international standards Carb E2 - E1 - E0

With the desire for long-term cooperation and strong connection with customers, we always hope to bring customers the best quality products and best service. Are looking forward to cooperate